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EMR and Clinic Management

RSB EMR and Clinic Management Solutions

RSB EMR & Hospital Management System is a flexible and user friendly system, designed and developed to deliver real conceivable benefits to hospitals and clinics ...

Set Up Administration Scheduling Appointment e-Prescription Patient Financial
Hospital Information Add Staff View Schedule Make Appointment View Patient Record Vitals Exam Billing
Create Staff Roles Edit Staff Change Schedule View Appointment Write Prescription Patient Exam Accounting Info
Edit Staff Roles Edit Patient Record Add Shift Cancel Appointment   List Of Patients Receivables Report
Assign User Roles Create Template Change Shift Reschedule Appointment   Vaccinations  
Add Departments Edit Template Staff Non-Availability Appointment Reminder   Discharge  
Edit Departments Request Ambulance Edit Non-Availability In-Patient Register   Order Entry  
Add Room Category Case Transfer       Medical Interaction  
Ambulance Master         Inpatient Treatment  
Edit Ambulance Master         Inpatient Management  
Bed Facilities         Approve Patient Appointment  
Add Medicine            
Edit Medicine            


Appointment History, List Staff, Medication Report, Discharge Reports, Inward Referral, Outward Referral, Bed Occupancy Report, Ambulance Dispatch Rpt, Weekly Productivity Rpt, Single Day Schedule, Multiple Day Schedule.

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