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ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Management

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is an industry term for the broad set of activities supported by multi-module application software that help a manufacturer or other business manage the important parts of its ...

ERP Features

Set Up Master HR Finance Production Inventory Excise
Company Allowance Head Employee General Ledger Production Flow Item Category Manufacturing
Menu Holidays Leave Details Sub Ledger Order Acceptance Item Sub Category  
Role Leave Master Employee Attendance Ledger RFQ Item  
Manage Role Bank Details Investment Declaration Tax Master Drawing Product Group  
Income Tax Slab Deduction Head Vendor TDS Payment Contra Voucher Indent Finish Product  
TDS Acknowledgement No Contractor Leave Application Payment Voucher Purchase Order B.O.M  
User Machine Over Time Journal Voucher Challan    
Location Client/Vendor Full And Final Receipt
Department   New Job Bank Reconcile MRN Inception    
Designation   New Applicant Credit Note Quality Testing    
Category   Recruitment Stage Debit Note Production Material Request    
    Hire Applicant   Machining    
    Course And Seminar   Packing    
    Important Event   Sales Invoice    
    Grievances   Purchase Return    
    Employee Training   Purchase Return Invoice    
        Goods Return    

Finance Reports

Balance Sheet, Trail Balance, Day Book, Ledgers, PLA, Account, Voucher Print, Fund Flow, Cash Flow, Ageing Reports (Additional As Per Requirement.)

Pay Reports

Pay Slip, Cost To Company(All, Dept Wise, Category Wise, Contractor Wise), Monthly Salary Sheet(All, Dept Wise, Category Wise, Contractor Wise), Month Wise Pay Report(All, Dept Wise, Category Wise, Contractor Wise), Financial Year Salary Sheet, Employee Loan, Over Time, Employee Gratuity, Employee Full and Final, Bank Statement. (Additional As Per Requirement.)

PF Reports

PF Challan, Employee Share, Monthly PF Deduction, PF Statement , Form 3A, Form 6A, Form 5, Form 10, Form 12A, PF Register (Additional As Per Requirement.)

ESI Reports

ESI Bank Challan, Employee Statement, Form 5, Form 6, Form 7 and any other forms (Additional As Per Requirement.)

TDS Reports

TDS Monthly Breakup, TDS Summery, Form 16, Form 16A(Vendor) (Additional As Per Requirement.)

Excise Reports

ER-1 LETTER,ER-1 Return,ER-1 SELF ASSESSMENT MEMORANDUM,ER-3 Q,ER-5 Declaration of Inputs,ER-6,R.G. 23 C PART-I,R.G. 23 C PART-II,R.G.1 REGISTER,RG23 II REGISTER,RG23A I REGISTER etc. (Additional As Per Requirement.)

HR Reports

Employee Search(Location, Department, Category, Designation, Date Of Joining, Date Of Birth, Experience, Blood Group, New Joinees (Between Dates), Resignees (Between Dates), Employee Register, Appointment Letter, Reliving Letter, Experience Letter, Conformation Letter. Leave Summary (Year Wise, Month wise). (Additional As Per Requirement.)

Production Reports

Order Acceptance, Indent, Purchase Order, MRN, Tax Invoice Report(Original For Buyer, Duplicate For Transporter, Triplicate For Assesses, Extra Copy),Enquiry Report, Internal Issue Slip, Work in progress, Challan (Original For Buyer, Duplicate For Transporter, Triplicate For Assesses, Extra Copy) (Additional As Per Requirement.)

MIS Reports

Open PO Details(PO No, PO Date, Item Wise, Vendor Wise), PO Details(PO No, PO Date, Item Wise, Vendor Wise, Job Wise), Pending Indent(Item wise, Job Wise), Un-Inspected MRN Report, Challan Details(Challan Date, Vendor Wise), Internal Issue Details(Date, Department Wise),Vendor Performance, Approval Vendor Details, Daily Consumable Item stock Status, Item History, Item Details(Statement Bank), Item List, Periodic Receipt and Issue. Production Details, Invoice Details, Goods Return Details, Production Packing Details, Client Wise Sales Report, Pending Production, Pending Packaging, Delivery Note, Packing List Report, Raw Material Consumption (Additional As Per Requirement.)

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