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About Us

Steps We Take To Make Our Office Green

  • We turn off the lights before leaving the office.
  • We shut down all our PC's and UPS before leaving from work. We celebrate Earth Hour 365 days.
  • We maintain a policy of complete shutdown of all equipments on weekends and holidays.
  • We turn off computer monitors when not in use, especially one with servers.
  • We use CFL lamps wherever it is possible.
  • We refill our printer ink cartridges.
  • We use ceramic mugs, plates and stainless steel cutlery instead of disposable ones.
  • We dont use Paper Tissues. We use air-blown hand dryers and cloth napkins.
  • We regularly Clean Air Conditioner filters.
  • We dont subscribe to newspapers instead we encourage online news portal.
  • We use email as the primary tool for communication.
  • We print double-sided to keep paper usage to a minimum and reuse waste paper for rough work.
  • We have live plants in the workplace and also keep our garden green.
  • Car Pooling: Our Employees Share Vehicles for Commuting to Office.

We encourage our employees to make this world a better place to live and work and request others to follow the same.

Go Greeeen... is our Mantra.

Tips for Making Your Office or Home Green and Environmental Friendly