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Payroll Management

Payroll Management

If you would like to free your time and energy from the chore of processing your payroll - regardless of how small or large your workforce - look no further ...

Payroll Features

Set Up Master HR
Company Profile User Employee
Create Menu Allowance Head Leave Details
Create Role Holidays Generate Salary
Location Leave Master Employee Attendance
Department Bank Details Investment Declaration
Designation Line Master TDS Payment
Income Tax Slab Deduction Head Vendor TDS Payment
TDS Acknowledgement No Client/Vendor Leave Application
    Over Time
    Full And Final
    New Job
    New Applicant
    Recruitment Stage
    Hire Applicant
    Course And Seminar
    Important Event
    Grievances HR
    Employee Training

Pay Reports

Pay Slip, Cost To Company(All, Dept Wise, Category Wise, Contractor Wise), Monthly Salary Sheet(All, Dept Wise, Category Wise, Contractor Wise), Month Wise Pay Report(All, Dept Wise, Category Wise, Contractor Wise), Financial Year Salary Sheet, Employee Loan, Over Time, Employee Gratuity, Employee Full and Final, Bank Statement.

PF Reports

PF Challan, Employee Share, Monthly PF Deduction, PF Statement , Form 3A, Form 6A, Form 5, Form 10, Form 12A, PF Register

ESI Reports

ESI Bank Challan, Employee Statement, Form 5, Form 6, Form 7 and any other forms

TDS Reports

TDS Monthly Breakup, TDS Summery, Form 16, Form 16A(Vendor),TDS Payment.

Employee Letters

Appointment Letter, Releaving Letter, Experience Letter, Confirmation Letter.

Employee Details

Displays employee details.

Attendance Reports

Displays employee attendance details.

Leave Summary

Displays employee leave details.

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